Aliens Don't Exist


Now I’m not looking to step on any toes. If your Great Aunt Deborah saw an alien rooting through her recycling bin out back, then who am I to refute Debbie’s experience. But….there’s simply not much evidence of life. Crop circles? Please. 

In the same way that you witnessed Deb start wearing a stainless steel colander as a brain-protective helmet, don’t let your limited experience (and an overweight raccoon) ruin your reputation as the county’s premiere mixologist. 

If there’s no evidence of life then you shouldn’t believe otherwise.   

Sure, you may have built a website and it contains an About Us section, a Contact Us call-to-action, and heck you might even have a lovely picture of Deb giving a thumbs up about your service but that doesn’t mean there’s life out there. Increased revenue is evidence. An ever-growing email list is evidence. A need to grow your website is evidence. Analytics are evidence. New customers are evidence (imagine that!).

Loose Lion looks for signs of life in all these different ways. We also beta test to see what works best for your target demographic. Your site should be alive, meaning that over time it should be changing, growing and becoming more and more accurately aimed at your mission and your customers needs.

So ask yourself that timeless old adage, is my website an alien or an overweight raccoon? And then for goodness sakes, put the colander back where it belongs and give us a shout.

Clint Simpson