Kevin Costner Didn't Build Your Website

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There are very few movies in Hollywood that resonated with audiences like the baseball-based blockbuster, “Field of Dreams”. I remember watching Kevin Costner’s breakout role as a young boy and screaming “Listen to the voices!” repeatedly at my television set (we called them ‘sets’ in those days). It seemed like such a simple concept at the time. 

  1. Listen to the voices. 

  2. Build a baseball field in your backyard. 

  3. Ghosts of legends past will arrive from the cornfield (including a creepy Ray Liotta and an incredibly touching visit from your young ghost father).

  4. People show up to see what you’ve built.

While this seemed like a plausible plot in my younger days, I’ve come to realize that life, unfortunately, is nothing like the movies. Ninjas don’t attack one at a time, simply wearing eyeglasses is a terrible disguise and cutting the red wire doesn’t disarm the bomb. Oh and people don’t show up to see something just because you built it. 

Hey Kev…. you’ve gotta do some marketing!!!

Maybe there were deleted scenes that I missed but these days even the most beautiful of designs don’t get seen unless you get the word out. Ok, ok, so I’ve run this metaphor into its astroturf grave (last one, I promise). The point is that simply building a website doesn’t get the job done. Listen to this voice! If you build it, you must tell others that you’ve built it, pay for digital advertisements, engage on social media, drop an email marketing campaign, impress your peers on LinkedIn, host webinars and much, much more....and then they’ll come. 

All of those required tasks take time and design. The good news is Loose Lion can handle all of this for you. The bad news is sports ghosts aren’t real and you might have a carbon monoxide leak somewhere in your home. 

Clint Simpson