Nobody Likes A Blowhard


The Good Book says that “a man’s pride shall bring him low, but honor shall uphold the humble in spirit.” God doesn’t prefer you be a blowhard and neither do your potential customers and clients. Before you start telling me of your virtue, let me clarify - you are your website.

Your website is a direct reflection of you. Consider it your digital child if you will. Creepy? Maybe, but people will certainly judge you if they find him stealing candy bars and RedBull from the corner 7-eleven. Likewise, they will certainly judge you if all your website does is brag about your “great and wonderful” business. People aren’t looking for someone to be great and wonderful. They’re looking for someone to solve their immediate problem. They need to know that you understand their dilemma, that you have a solution that doesn’t involve moving mountains, and what the future holds if they decide to lock arms with you.  

For example, imagine you own a plus-sized children’s clothing shop called TaterTots. Mom goes to your website and the first thing she’s sees is you boasting that you were named Plus-sized Pipsqueak Provider of the Year which ironically consists of a small plastic trophy and a free app from Chili’s. While we would say that having that prestigious honor listed on your site is perfectly fine, Tater’s momma really only wants to be reassured that all of your jeans are ‘one-size fits all’ and that you do custom fittings if needed.

How you help meet your customer’s needs should be clearly listed at the top of your messaging. Tater and momma will leave your website knowing that they can confidently go to you whenever it’s time to move up a size. That’s peace of mind and that’s your business. 

Clint Simpson