There’s no Marvel character named Super-Mom


Moms are the best! Between taking Johnny to ballet, Katie to karate, walking the dog, reorganizing the closet, preparing school lunches, doing laundry, and holding down her cardiothoracic surgical rotation, mom is quite amazing.

However, Marvel isn’t calling because she’s not Super-Mom. She didn’t fall into a radioactive essential oil and there’s no superhuman strength that allows her to do all of this. If mom could get help, she absolutely would take it. Ahem, we’re looking at you ‘Dad’! Mom does all of these things because she has to. If mom won’t do it, then nobody will. 

Loose Lion is here to help though! Well not you mom, you and dad need to have a long talk. No, we’re here to help you Mrs. or Mr. Business Owner. Just like mommy dearest, you’re juggling customers, accounting, inventory, networking, and much, much more. But you’re not a Super-Owner either. Unlike mamma mia’s unfortunate situation, you, fortunately, don’t have to struggle any longer. Loose Lion takes full command of your web presence whether it be design, maintenance or marketing so you can concentrate on the other pressing items on your laundry list. 

Sidenote: There’s no DC character named Super-Mom either but who really cares about DC anyhow. RIP Stan Lee. You da man!

Clint Simpson