Web design trends don’t come back into fashion

rock fanny pack.png

I recently read a fashion article that blasted the headline of ‘90s Fashion Trends are Back!’. My heart raced for a moment as I pondered being able to pull out all of my old flannels I’d put towards the back of the closet. No longer would I be asked if I was going as a lumberjack for Halloween but at last I could quip back that I was a fashionista! Dad would be so proud. 

Fashion trends have a way of coming back around if only we are willing to wait and endure our friends teasing us for hanging on to those trusty Doc Martens. Heck, I’ve recently seen folks rocking fanny packs. Fanny packs people! Good gravy!

Web design trends, fortunately, yes I said fortunately, don’t follow the same kind of time-traveler trends that the fashion industry falls into. Cluttered, slow, non-responsive, flashing, header banner rotating, ticker-filled websites are being thrown out with fishnet stockings and for good reason! 

The good news is that the forward trend is mostly being informed by good science, data and psychology. Sure we all still care about looking good (and we’ll make you look fabulous darling), but we also care what your audience thinks, feels, and decides. If your website is more than 4 years old, I’d assert that you’re out of fashion baby! Website design tends to age like dogs so most likely it’s time to get with the times. 

Let Loose Lion help you look fierce while you work that runway. 

Clint Simpson